Saturday, January 22, 2011

Based out of the United Kingdom, RoboFlail Has a Unique Industrial Strength Design

This is STMs (Simon Tullett Machienery Co. LTD) RoboFlail, which won the New Product and Innovation Award at Scotsturf 2008, and its success has backed up STM’s faith in the product. It was designed in conjunction with the STM Continental engineer Frank Hemmerich who is an established manufacturer of tracked vehicles. These zero-turn remote controlled machines are in use all over the UK as well as the entire continent with consistent positive feedback from customers and contractors . The versatility and safety of the unit make it an ideal choice for slope mowing.  With increasing requirements to meet health and safety requirements, the RoboFlail is ideal for steep banks and difficult areas. 
The positive side of no hand-arm vibration problems and reduced operator fatigue are also in there as very strong plus points for considering this robot mower.
By being available with a standard rotary or open-front rotary cutting deck, STM has further increased the RoboFlail range of versatility. The machine operates on independently operated rubber tracks and has fully effective zero-turn radius capabilities. The operator can work up to 300 meters away but this is not recommended as you need to be able to see obstacles, and the machine has design features such as the industry's first self-leveling high capacity fuel tank that shows off the amount of attention STM has put into designing the RoboFlail.

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