Sunday, January 23, 2011

Remote Control Lawn Mowers From Summit Lawn Mower Co.

Located in The United States,  The Summit Lawn Mower Company is setting a new standard in the industry by manufacturing remote control lawn mowers suitable for commercial applications, yet affordable for homeowners.  While other manufacturers have price tags in excess of $30K, Summit offers a variety of electric powered and hydrostatic machines to fit the needs of commercial landscapers as well as homeowners living on hill-tops all around the world.  All Summit mowers have remote electric start to allow you to start and stop the gas engine with the remote control transmitter.   The transmitter has two joysticks.  One controls movement in all directions while the other starts and stops the engine.  This simple-to-operate design is what makes these machines ideal for elderly and disabled people looking to rekindle the joy and satisfaction associated with maintaining their own lawn.  On the commercial end of the spectrum, the TRX-series mowers put the power to the ground using industrial strength rubber tracks that utilize a lawn friendly tread pattern while yielding the traction needed to climb slopes too steep to walk or drive on.  These mowers are popular with parks and recreation facilities, commercial lawn care providers, and other private companies with a steep hill to mow on the weekly agenda. 

Lynex Remote Control Flail Mowers

Lynex GT 1500
Based out of Europe, Lynex has the industries largest machine which is a massive 100 H.P. remote control lawn mower on rubber tracks that mows grass and has been seen mowing down trees at the same time.  Utilizing a patented hydraulically adjustable suspension system and undercarriage, ground clearance can be remotely adjusted from about 4 inches to a whopping 21 inches, allowing the GT1500 to work safely on both slopes and in wetland areas.  By using the ground clearance adjustment, a low center of gravity for working on slopes is achieved and maximum ground clearance for working in soft ground or wetlands is also available in one machine.  The GT 1500 has both a rear and front mounted three-point linkage, and is capable of running rear or front mounted implements such flail mowers, mulching attachments, snow blades and blowers.  If it fits on a 3 point linkage - it fits on the GT1500.  An overall adjustable width of about 43 inches and an over all weight of over 5200 pounds provides versatile access and working capability.  Four forward and four reverse gears are available and smooth ground speed is delivered throughout each gear in the range, a system developed in conjunction with Caterpillar who provides the 100 H.P. diesel powered engine.  The GT 1500 utilizes one of the most efficient power transfer systems available with 97% of the available 100hp at the front mounted PTO.  The GT1500 is both fuel efficient and designed with low running costs in mind.
Day to day maintenance is minimal as the machine does not have any daily lubrication points and does not use any ‘V’ belts that normally need replacing from time to time.

Spider Remote Control Slope Mowers from Dvorak

Located in the Czech Republic, The Spider by the Dvořák consortium  is leading the way in the remote control lawn mower industry for design and innovation.  Hands down, these guys have most technologically advanced machines on the market today.  Their unique four wheel drive 360 degree steering design greatly improves control while navigating on steep slopes and has won numerous awards from all over the world.  The DVORAK - svahove sekacky Ltd. (DVORAK - machine division) was founded on July 1, 2004 by its current owner – Mr. Lubomír Dvořák – as a machine division of the Dvořák consortium. The patent protected radio controlled slope mower Spider ILD01 is the dominant product of the company.
Thanks to the revolutionary design of their product, the Dvořák company holds a very special position at the municipal equipment market. During the first year from the launch of serial production, the company has won appreciation and respect of both consumers and specialist throughout Europe, USA and Japan. The Dvořák company is fully aware of its constructional potential and put a lot of effort into further development of products with high design and aesthetic standards that now include a model in which the operator can ride on or switch to R/C mode.  Satisfying clients is the companies primary goal.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Based out of the United Kingdom, RoboFlail Has a Unique Industrial Strength Design

This is STMs (Simon Tullett Machienery Co. LTD) RoboFlail, which won the New Product and Innovation Award at Scotsturf 2008, and its success has backed up STM’s faith in the product. It was designed in conjunction with the STM Continental engineer Frank Hemmerich who is an established manufacturer of tracked vehicles. These zero-turn remote controlled machines are in use all over the UK as well as the entire continent with consistent positive feedback from customers and contractors . The versatility and safety of the unit make it an ideal choice for slope mowing.  With increasing requirements to meet health and safety requirements, the RoboFlail is ideal for steep banks and difficult areas. 
The positive side of no hand-arm vibration problems and reduced operator fatigue are also in there as very strong plus points for considering this robot mower.
By being available with a standard rotary or open-front rotary cutting deck, STM has further increased the RoboFlail range of versatility. The machine operates on independently operated rubber tracks and has fully effective zero-turn radius capabilities. The operator can work up to 300 meters away but this is not recommended as you need to be able to see obstacles, and the machine has design features such as the industry's first self-leveling high capacity fuel tank that shows off the amount of attention STM has put into designing the RoboFlail.